This ridiculous Pringles gamer headset literally gives you chips


To save you the hard chore of feeding during an intense video game, the Pringles gamer headset brings you chips right in your mouth.

The food giant changed a standard model of the Razer brand by adding a small mechanical arm and a crisper tank. The journalists of the Engadget site were able to get their hands on it. According to their feedback, if the idea is interesting, the result will not fail to make you smile.

Hunger Hammer, the Pringles gaming helmet

Like any self-respecting gamer product, Pringles has given a macho name to his helmet. So, it will have to be called Hunger Hammer (literally the anti-hunger hammer). However, one may wonder the relevance of this name. Indeed, who was once satiated by a few bites of chips?

But put aside this kind of philosophical questions to interest us in the object itself. First of all, Pringles made the different elements by 3D printing. Then, his engineers fixed these on the Razer helmet so that a motorized arm can bring a petal of chips to the lips of the player.

There's no reason for this product to exist you say? Well, given that it's built with a Razer headset, maybe we should make it a reality? PringlesNow who's with me?

Published by Min-Liang Tan sure Tuesday, November 26, 2019

A device that is not quite ready

In theory, all this is great. Who does not dream to stay nailed in front of a screen night and day to eat some succulent healthy food? Sadly, Pringles will have to revise plans of his gamer headphone, because it does not work very well yet.

If the mechanical part works perfectly, Engadget points the finger the bustle it makes to deliver the appetizers to our lips. Not really ideal when you want to immerse yourself in his game.

Another big fault, the ergonomics of the device leaves something to be desired. Most of the time, you have to lean back to tip the chips in your mouth. That's it or doing gymnastics with her lips (or tongue) to try to catch a thin petal.

For the time being, Pringles is not considering marketing its gamer headphones. Perhaps if Razer released his toaster, the two companies could partner to design a consumer version. Until then, it will be necessary to be satisfied with this video of Engadget:

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